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Backpack purchase?

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Backpack of the grade, quality, uses mainly determined in several ways.
First, work. Every corner and line is neat, and come without the jumper, each needle embroidery is beautifully, which is the high technology standard.
Second, the package of materials, 1680D dual unit for general computer backpack fabrics are above average. 600D Oxford cloth is a relatively common material. Canvas, 190T materials such as 210 is usually used for more types of simple DrawString bag backpack.
Third, the backpack back directly determines the use of backpack and grades. Brand-name computer backpack back structures are more complicated, at least six more of the EPE or EVA cushion even the aluminum frame. Backpack back in General EPE air Board is a 3MM, the simplest type of drawstring bags shoulder bags in addition to the material of the bag itself, there is no gasket material.
Finally, computer backpack the quality is good, but the style is less. Sport backpack styles and there are more choices, but material work in General. Fashion backpack capacity is small, but MS for use in an informal setting.
Now, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and ready to backpack around is definitely not one or two. Is mainly based on the different events, different applications, and everyone is going to prepare several. For outdoor enthusiasts, backpack is an essential thing. So, for outdoor sports, what to pay attention to when choosing outdoor backpack problem? Here is a small summary of some of the experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. First, the material is waterproof with a backpack. Trip, there are different snow and rain, so bag material is waterproof, it is very important. Is the popularity of some brands of backpack or some regular backpack, some are waterproof, this should specifically ask salespeople.
Second, work, particularly where seams are hardwearing. Often people know of your backpack, backpack shoulder straps parts most likely to break, because when people travel easily in the bag full of things, so it must be carefully inspected outdoor mountaineering bag seams are strong, or else on the go backpack fracture will make people very upset.
Thirdly, the design and the shape of the body with a backpack is appropriate. Due to travel to on a person's back for a long time, design the best ergonomic design with a backpack, so back up would be more comfortable.
Finally, the size and weight of your backpack is appropriate. Best choice is relatively lightweight backpack, we go out to a lot of things, the package itself is very heavy, it did not give us a heavy burden? Size should also be considered, if the size is relatively small, back a big sports backpack, looked like a small hill, so there's no beauty at all, Oh!

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