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DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Nov 09, 2016

Natural leather products

leather products do not allow the irradiation in the sun too long, otherwise, its color will change. Any situation with solvent, floor wax, leather shoes oil, detergent or similar materials to clean leather products.

Remove dust and dirt on the leather can be used wet cleaning leather products

 the dirty parts available light soap (a liter of water plus two spoons of neutral soap powder) to be cleaned. The need to pay attention to when cleaning, do not allow water to seep into the leather or leather inside the crevice. After cleaning with a soft cloth to wipe the leather.

The maintenance of the normal use of leather products


it is recommended that every half a year with a leather protective agent for leather products for a time, processing, with a small amount of protective agent on the leather, to be dry after use with a soft cloth to rub off.

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