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Men's bags daily care

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Cleaning: usually polishing wax, dust can be avoided, when not in use should be stuffed into cardboard or newspaper to prevent deformation.
Cleaning: wipe clean with a soft cloth with protein stains, stains can be removed. Moldy leather bags, the best buy brand oil decontamination, and then evenly coated with the color of colored oil.
Leather hardening: baoge oil, you can restore the original soft. Leather stain remover coated in leather on a regular basis, you should apply on a dry cloth. Avoid washing or exposure to chemical solvent. Storage bag, you can add a little moisture beads.
Daily care: If the bag is wet, should start with a dry cloth to absorb moisture, then outside in the shade and let skin air-dry. Never in the Sun, next to the air conditioner or air duct blow dried it, otherwise there will be a blowout.

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