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Men's briefcases how to distinguish good quality poor

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

First, watch the thread. All brand portfolio of the thread are uniform with rank, formation, some premium brand packs also have a security thread and imitation brand portfolio stitching color darker or level;
Second, watch the appearance theme. Brand Briefcase edition trim smooth icing is very strong, no bubbling on the surface, exposed edges and imitation brands Briefcase version of loose and inferior package, bubbling, edge stitch;
Third, watch the lining work. Space at a glance within the brand portfolio, material close to the outer material, lining, tight joints and imitation brand bag lining seam is too large, too many threads, lined with inclusion seams are not natural;
Finally, watch accessories such as zipper and latch. Brand zipper and latch the Briefcase material are made of high quality metal material, material not easily oxidized, fading; brand portfolio smooth zipper, zipper and stitch natural and imitation brand bag zipper around the threads tight.

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