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Simple classification of backpack

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Shoulder bags are backpacks for back over her shoulders collectively. According to different usage is divided into shoulder bags, shoulder computer backpack, shoulder sports bags, shoulder bags and Shu Kousheng, military backpack, backpacks, and so on. Depending on the material and into canvas bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth.
Global computer giant HTTP in the last century 80 's that launched the world's first double shoulder bag, as a result of the shock-proof protection materials, plus special ergonomic design and unique reinforcement technology, extremely solid and durable, is most welcome. Computer backpack not only computer-specific earthquake protection compartment, there is considerable room for luggage and other small objects. Now a lot of high quality
Computer backpack computer backpack is also widely used as sports bags.
Sport is jumping on the backpack design, color is bright. Major sports brands Nike and adidas will launch a large number of new fashion shoulders bag each year, subject to a large number of City boy tide girls sought after around 20 years old. Mainly for fast fashion, style and very rapid pace of innovation, sports backpack to work on material in General.
Fashion shoulder bag is used primarily for women, mostly made up of PU material, smaller, often used in place of ladies going out will bring handbags. Fashion backpack is suitable for casual ladies
Fashion backpack when carrying. Fashion backpack portable, completely hands free, Ms are also well suited for use in an informal setting.
The main advantage is easy to carry backpack, hands free, it provides convenience for the out.

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