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2017 Leather Or Nylon Zipper Backpack With Handle

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Jan 03, 2017

A backpack for the road does not mean backpack for hiking or as a utility piece hat you can wear to work or even a fashion show. Obviously each occasion deserves a special backpack and we have picked some of the hottest trends out there for backpack of you who like to make an effort.


We have listed our choices of the coolest pieces out there but while selecting your next purchase, ensure backpack resonates with you and your fashion sense. Sure some brands like Louis Vuitton design backpack that are just classic pieces and must-haves but do not give in to the hype. If it is not your style, move on to the next. Vanity is pointless, style is timeless. It is time to pack your backpack and go on your next adventure. 


How much weight can the backpack handle? If you’re planning on carrying your gear for a weekend trek or you have 4 classes worth of books you need your backpack to carry, you’ll need different weight requirements than someone who uses their backpack to carry their technology.

How much do you want to get noticed? There are some vibrant patterns available today that stand out from the muted and traditional earth tones many backpacks have.


Is there any added storage? Many backpacks include numerous zippers, folds, and mesh pockets for your miscellaneous items. Will this backpack give me durability? If you have a nylon backpack, is it made from rip-stop materials? Has the leather been conditioned so it won’t just tear open on you?


You’ll notice that there can be a wide range of pricing options in backpacks today. If you want a cool backpack for 2017 that can last you until 2027, then the $5 discount special isn’t the way to go, even if it looks awesome. You’ll want to look at the examples we’ve provided here with our backpack reviews so the perfect backpack can be found. 


Cool backpacks aren’t always functional backpacks. The most commonly reported problem with a backpack is that the quality of pack breaks down over time. If you put 100 pounds of textbooks into a backpack with a weight tolerance of 40 pounds, it’s going to break down.Zippers also tend to get stuck very often on backpacks. 

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