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Comparison Of All Kinds Of Leather Bags

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Different varieties of leather and content layout is similar in appearance, such as horses and hides, yak and cow hide leather, skin and sheepskin, kangaroo leather and calf leather. With advances in leather processing technology, leather-trimmed decorations and fake flowers, makes their style all Africa, some features are hidden, and, after cutting contact and excellent sewing, what of it leather, real real hard to identify with the naked eye. Therefore, fake leather the back will get its opportunities. Seeking capital, very few manufacturers use different leathers of similar appearance, or preclude attempts to match method is used in the making, such as horse hide leather-filled, yak skins filled with cow hide, skin filled with Sheepskin ... .... In business, but also common leather waste hanging on the "leather" or "hide" signs, individual sale staff to purchase their goods, not described in detail, resulting in customers mistake mistake buy. Real leather are notoriously bad at, their well known, but not connected enough professional knowledge is strong there. In order to be more accessible, I introduced several frequently used way above, which is better quality than the latter:
1. Leather and horse leather match: the leather pores are round, and straight into the leather, carefully and trim the pores ranging irregularly, like stars and horse leather oval pores than cow leather large, obliquely into the leather a pulse shape breakdown more law enforcement, leather soft and loose, glad that Dim light than cowhide.
2. Yellow leather yak leather match: yellow shrink the pores of the leather has a shapely, yak skin pores of the thick and sticky.
3. Sheep's clothing and skin compare: Sheepskin with fish scale pores, feel better than donkey skin. In recent years, with the development of the basic knowledge of the medicinal properties of the skin increases, skin is rarely used on handbags. Or a lot of people can't believe it, but it's not hard rough ass skin eating, but also has a high nutrient costs too!
4. leather and pigskin compared: the pores of the leather is thin and dense, irregular broken down, leather, smooth and pig skins hole-shaped 3-point breakdown of cortical thinning of Pinus.

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