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Distinction Leather

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

1, finishing leather: 90% leather when no surface finishing, there are a lot of problems, such as the pores of rough, leather embossing, scars, and so on. To want to turn it into a value of leather, use a variety of techniques to beautify it, pigment, dye, finishing the film. Finishing special optical effects can make the leather, this kind of repair is called finishing finishing leather skin. Finishing leather shoes or airbrushed shoes called finishing leather shoes. Finish skin does not mean low class, a variety of finishing leather for footwear must be used to meet the requirements of the shoe itself the physical conditions, requirements of sports shoes such as wear-resistant, washable and so on.
2, leather, polished effect: jettisoning part of finishing or coating in male and female, again on the cover of the modification. Polishing effect leather for shoes for repeated modification, cleaning and maintenance is simple and convenient.
3, embossed leather bi-color effects: 50% leather coating by mechanical pressure into a stereotyped pattern, doing covers, decorative. Made of embossed double-effect leather shoes repeated modifications to methods, cleaning and maintenance use a colorless leather cream or colourless shoe cream.
4, leather, antique effect: the coating is not completely, always painting part pattern antique dark color, cover, veneer. Made from antique-effect leather shoes to make a duplicate modifier, do not destroy the pattern, regular cleaning and maintenance.
5, brush off leather effect: you can also brush off the skin, is to use a light at the end of finishing, surface is sprayed with a darker color, according to the special needs of wipe or cloth wheel friction, you can have a beautiful two-color effect, again on the cover, veneer. Also called color leather leather, this type of shoe care available color or colorless leather cream.
6, turtle crack effect leather: painted in the original film by mechanical force, think more of the original film out of the crack effect turtles crack effect leather shoes to make a duplicate modifier, not damage grain, maintenance free original shoes color or colorless leather cream.
7, stone-effect leather: leather by fine grinding off the raised part of the finishing coating, revealing background bright feeling agent again finishing, maintenance free original shoes color or colorless leather cream.
8, metal-effect leather metal powder is added into the effect layer, can make the leather under light irradiation, a glittering Sheen, shoe called the metal effect in metal-effect leather shoes, to do a duplicate modifier, the normal care and maintenance.
9, oil: also known as "the Chameleon", this skin nails scratch or open by hand, color will be lighter, but with hands heal and return to normal, it features oil sticky coating coloring material has color-changing oil and metal complex dyes, this also has the effect of aniline and change of colour of the cortex. High wet strength, cortex light is weak, feel good, to pay attention to professional care, do most of this oil leather casual shoes, common colors are black, dark brown, coffee and so on.
10, waxing skin: synthetic wax on the leather cloth wheel polishing can produce the burning effects of color.
11, grain leather: leather surface texture, usually divided into grain leather and embossed leather and buffed, wear leather and embossed leather is leather finishing. Original pattern better grain leather the leather itself is required, aniline leather semi-aniline leather, the leather does not require fine grinding process, closed as long as the underlying effect, and can also form a good leather look.
12, and playing light skin: to a traditional of leather processing way, with casein protein do surface finishing, then to machine glass drum repeat polished of leather, to produced elegant of transparent gloss, this class skin material called playing light skin, currently in senior of calf skin, small sheepskin, snake skin Shang still application this species way processing, applies Yu senior shoes, this shoes resistance water poor, in European compared preference this playing light shoes, because it color bright natural.

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