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How To Identify The Pros And Cons Of Leather Care

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

1, leather care must be fat
Contains oil of leather nursing agent, with hand rub Shi, has oil sense, but not greasy, dang temperature reached 450~750du Zhijian Shi, in flammable real of help Xia, can fire burning, so available burning method test, that put few nursing agent uniform spray Yu toilet paper, put Yu mosquito frame Shang, first lit toilet paper, burn to nursing agent Shi, is nursing agent can fire burning.
2, Ph PH value testing
If leather nursing agent pH of PH value is greater than 7, is is alkaline State, it into intradermal, damage skin within surface fiber Zhijian of original oil film, and wash off these skin within oil, makes leather internal fiber surface Zhijian of fiber mutual bond, and mill wipe force variable big, also will corrosion leather fiber, thus leather variable hard, and variable crisp, even cracking – – alkaline real hurt leather of reasons on in here, that with alkaline clean agent, clean leather, into leather internal of alkaline real, will damage leather of internal structure, Especially the surface oil of intradermal membrane, leather hard, brittle, even cracked. Therefore, apart from the oily cleansers, not water cleaner care leather.
Leather care qualified pH between PH value =5~7.
PH value of PH test strips sold in general stores of chemical teaching.
3, not easy to volatilize, odor-free
Smell strong to prove that contain volatile components, most of them contain solvents. If leather is not very dry, coated in leather care agent soon after, also shows that contain volatile solvents, care when they enter the body through the respiratory system; when using leather, will enter the body through the pores of the body, is not conducive to people's health. Also, leather care contain volatile components, into the leather inside, due to its volatile will take away the original tannery is injected into oil, make the leather harder and more brittle.
Flavor is usually "jinwucangjiao", most of the chemical products have had a bad smell in the, so flavoring masking.
4, with a proper penetration and adhesion
Quality of leather nursing agent, can uniform to penetration into leather internal the parts of fiber surface, and and intradermal fiber is good to combined in with, and wax and leather internal fiber of combined force poor, also due to wax ignition low, easy volatile, so wax into leather within will soon lost, due to it of lost also will while away leather within of original oil, makes leather became more hard, and more crisp, and wax also will jam hair eye, thus pure wax not suitable for nursing leather.
5, water
Leather care can be combined with water for water based, water based leather care generally do not contain toxic or very low toxicity.
6, after care of leather, has the following characteristics:
A soft, after care, leather, due to the oil film between the skin surface are renovation repair lifting intradermal fiber bonding, friction between the skin surface, approximately equal to the friction between oil molecules, and leather is soft;
B, leather with moisture;
C, full;
D, waterproof, leather care, obliquely placed the leather surface water will not stay in, the water is not easy to infiltrate in the DermIS;
E, mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tear strength and grain cracking strength is greatly increased, but also increased elongation of leather;
F, not closure leather hair, eyes, has little effect on water vapor permeability, had little effect.
7, biodegradable, no pollution to the environment, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.
Simulation of oil jialijia leather care can meet these requirements.
But one-sided pursuit of surface glazing effect surface wall-like leather, decorated with light like a mirror, not care, but renovation-this is the closed pores of the air, a little bit like a cocoon, is not conducive to people's health

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