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How To Protect Business Folder Portfolio With Compartment And Zipper

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Dec 27, 2016

Artists have maintained portfolios for years, often using their collection for seeking further work, or for simply portfolio demonstrating their art; an artist's portfolio usually have many materil, such as Pu leather and nylon. Financial portfolios contain a comprehensive record of fiscal transactions and investment holdings that represent a person's monetary worth. By contrast, an educational portfolio with handle contains work that a learner has selected and collected to show growth and change over time; a critical component of an excutive portfolio is the learner's reflection on the individual pieces of work as well as an overall reflection on the story that the portfolio tells. There are many purposes for portfolios with compartment in education: learning, assessment, employment, marketing, showcase, best works.


The use of "portfolio assessment" in education emerged in the late 1980s, primarily in college writing classrooms to address the needs for accountability: the emphasis on portfolio assessment. In K-12 classrooms, the emphasis was more on portfolios as a showcase for learning, as a counterpoint to traditional forms of assessment or to illuminate capabilities not covered by standardized testing: the emphasis on folder portfolio assessment. varieties of purposes for portfolios and with state departments of education designing statewide models of student portfolios with zipper for statewide assessment.

Protecting your business portfolio is an extremely important part of portfolio management. There are several ways to approach portfolio; some of the most portfolio common include buying put options and buying inverse exchange traded fund . It is necessary to understand how each works and how well portfolio achieves the goals of protecting portfolio.

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