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Knowledge Of Fur And Leather

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Fur animal skins can be made from processed valuable clothing material, fur and leather are divided into two classes. Hair-on tanning of animal skins for the fur; light tanning or cashmere leather. Fur raw materials are animal skins, peeled directly from animals, called rawhide.
Furs cleaning and storage:
1-heat-proof, long-term placement do not select Sun prolonged sun exposure, hot and humid places.
2-hang the law, shoulder-padded hangers to hang furs, not with a wire hanger to avoid fur breakage or deformation, to leave enough space to avoid the fluff squeezed.
3-to ensure that ventilation, do not use plastic bags, cloth Pocket set of furs, separated with dust.
4 avoid chemicals when wearing fur, try not to wear perfume or Hairspray chemicals because these products contain alcohol ingredient, can cause leather to become dry.
5-unexpected, if not carefully wet fur, simply hang up wet fur in dry and cool place and let it air-dry.
6 do not use ordinary cleaning fur, should be sent to the dry cleaner, keep clean and beautiful.
7 fur storage should be repellent such as camphor.
Leather basics:
Identification of artificial leather with natural leather
With the development of science and technology and leather technology is becoming mature, significant improvement in the quality of products, especially in terms of simulation paper, decorative, breathability, flexibility, texture and appearance and many other aspects of
Are similar to natural leather, but the price is much lower than natural leather

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