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Leather Belt

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Nov 03, 2016

(1) the leather belt belongs to consumables, use for a long time will be damaged. Usually with special leather care agent can reduce the damage of regular cleaning, but not containing alkaline detergent do not use shoe polish; 

(2) leather belt to avoid damp, mildew, moth. When using, should be careful not to oil and acid and alkaline material contact. In the usual cleaning process, adding neutral to mildew, special chemical sterilization can well avoid mildew phenomenon. In addition, in order to prevent mildew, moth eaten, should be cleaned after properly preserved in the collection before;


(3) clean leather belt, it is best to use the fine if a piece of flannelette. Accidentally stained with rain or other stains, do not direct water and gasoline inunction, so as not to appear on the surface of leather wrinkles; and should be immediately with a dry soft cloth, wipe put in ventilated place to dry naturally;

 (4) if the leather belt due to contaminated water stains But wrinkling, available 60-70 of ironing, ironing at best with thin cotton lining at the bottom; 

(5) if the cowhide belt appeared off phenomenon, available leather polishing agent, do not use oil wipe shoes; leather polishing with a soft, dry with a little polish on the belt gently wipe one to two times; suggestion on average, two to three months on a leather belt;

 (6) if the emergence of the phenomenon of fracture or a large area of damage, should find a professional repair personnel. If only there is little damage, the damage with egg.

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