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Leather Identification

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

1, Visual identification: first should identify from pattern, the pores of the leather, and so on, in natural leather table
Surface can see pattern, and pores does exists, and distribution have not uniform, opposite has animal fiber, side section, level obviously can differentiation, lower has animal fiber, with finger methyl scraping try will appeared leather fiber erected, has up velvet of feel, few fiber also can dropped down, and synthesis leather opposite can see fabric, side no animal fiber, General epidermal no pores, but some has imitation skin artificial pores, will has not obviously of pores exists, some pattern also not obviously, or has more rules of artificial manufacturing pattern, pores also quite consistent.
 2, and feel identification method: second leather feel rich elastic, will leather positive down bent folding 90 degrees around will appeared natural folds, respectively bent folding different parts, produced of folding lines weight, and how many, has obviously of not uniform, basic can finds this is leather, because really leather has natural sex of not uniform of fibrous tissue constitute, so formed of folding wrinkles road performance also has obviously of not uniform. Feel like plastic and synthetic leather, less back, bending, folding sheath thickness is similar.
3, odor identification: natural leather has a very thick fur, even after processing, taste is also obvious, and leather products, then a smell of plastic, fur-free flavor.
Leather definitions and types
Leather is cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals stripped of skin, the leather after tanning, made from a variety of characteristics, intensity, texture, color and pattern of the leather material, is the required material for modern leather products. Among them, cowhide, Sheepskin and pigskin leather raw materials used by the big three kinds of leather into the first layer second layer of skins and leather types.

1, the first layer of skin is a grain of cattle, sheep, pig, leather natural scars and blood cord and, occasionally, in the process of stab wounds as well as very low utilization rate of the belly spot, top layer leather imported cattle there number imprinted. Full-grain **** from pore size and density to distinguish what kind of animal leathers. Many kinds of leather, leather, dairy cattle, beef cattle skin, grazing cows, Bull skin, uncastrated male castrated bull hide and leather. In China also have yellow leather, Buffalo, yaks and cattle skin, and so on. Among them, the pores of the Buffalo is coarse and sparse; fine cow hide than Buffalo skin pores and thick. Finer pores in sheep's clothing is more dense and a little slope, there are two large categories of sheep and goat. Skins fur rules is 3~5 a handful of distribution, so very easy to distinguish, generally pigskin in captivity, there are wild boar, famous South American pigs, this wild boar skin have obvious pores and grain characteristics of pig skins, because of its special collagen of fibrous structures, can be processed into a very soft garment leather or leather gloves, very high value. Addition, ostrich skin, and crocodile skin, and short nasal crocodile skin, and lizard skin, and snake skin, and Bullfrog skin, and seawater skin (has shark skin, and cod skin, and min skin, and eel skin, and Pearl skin,), and freshwater fish skin (has grass carp, and CARP skin, has scales skin), and with hair of Fox skin (Silver Fox skin, and blue Fox,), and wolf skin, and dog skin, and rabbit skin, is easy identified, and cannot made two layer skin.
The first layer of skin is directly processed by by the skin of various animals, or thick cortex of cows, pigs, horses and other animal skin after depilation, cut two layers, and fiber-knit upper part is processed into a variety of top layer leather.
2, the second layer of skin is the second layer of loose fibrous tissue than by chemical spray or covered with PVC, PU thin films of material processed from. Therefore, distinguish between the first layer of skin and effective method of second skin, be observed straight fiber density. Top layer leather and thick and thin layers of fiber and closely connected slightly loose excessive layers of make up
Has good strength, elasticity, plasticity and technology and so on. Second skin is only a loose layer of fibrous tissue, only spray chemicals or it can be used to make leather products after polishing maintains a natural elasticity and plasticity of technology features, but poor, its thickness with the first layer of the skin.

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