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Men Fashion Leather Wallet

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Dec 28, 2016

The correct wallet is an item often neglected but can and does say so much of the man. So it’s time to throw out the Velcro you’ve been using since high school and let our list of the most eligible wallet brands guide you one step further to being complete. A decent wallet is a man’s best friend. If you really think about it, it holds all the money you’ll need to buy that damn dog in the first place. Of course there are general rules and guidelines to buying a quality wallet and none of these involves velcro or nylon.


When it comes to leather grade, try to avoid ‘top grain’ leather as these are hides which have imperfections that have been sanded down and then covered in resin to form a smooth surface. The internal strength is there but it leaves the wallet feeling more like plastic than anything.

Scoping out how the wallet is made is often ignored but just as crucial as the leather grade. Wallets are made in two ways: Turned of Cut Edge. Cut Edge is the shortcut way where leather is cut, stitched together and then resin coated on the edging.                           

Testing the integrity of a wallet is a must if you’re going to drop a good amount of money on one. One way to do this is to test the width of the turnover (the bend) as well as the stitching position. A narrow turnover is what you should be looking for in a quality wallet as well as stitching which remains central and straight.


Another key indicator to a well crafted wallet is its corners. Pleated corners are leather bonding areas on the edge which have been thinned down before being rounded into a strengthened corner – that means no cutting of this area. If the corner is a right angle, it has been poorly made. Avoid at all costs.





1921 was the year we were introduced to the small Italian leather goods store, opened by Guccio Gucci. This company was founded on its craftsmanship of leather goods of all sizes and through its evolution has grown into of the largest and most well known fashion houses to date; encompassing a long history of RTW, leather and accessories. The discerning gent cannot go passed the signature bi-fold in a creamy slate blue.


 Coach. inc

oach is a celebrated brand among both men and women. While they also create fashion items and fragrances, they are most known for their leather products. Wallets start at $40, but you’ll most likely pay around the$80 range. The wallets have a classic design that never goes out of style. Their most popular men’s wallet is the Coach Camden Pebbled Leather Slim Passcase ID Wallet. It is slim, sleek, and instantly recognizable in design.


Louis Vuitton

Who would have though that wanting to become a trunk-master would have set Louis Vuitton on a path to creating what we now know as the most recognisable and profitable designer brand on earth. This seasons winner is the Multiple wallet in a vibrant Iceberg blue. The almost scuff proof Taiga leather is ideal for holding cards, bills and receipts with architectural slots built in for the lot.   

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