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Pu Leather Phone Case

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

Your smartphone is less important than your brain, but we can apply the same principles to protecting your smartphone. When selecting a phone case, choose phone case made from a material that isn’t rigid or hard, but is more flexible . Chose a phone case that can absorb energy. The phone cases are typically made of silicone, depending on the series, can be very thick as well making them very efficient at absorbing energy.


When it comes to mobile phone case, mobile phone users to buy the most should be the simple plastic case, the advantages of plastic phone shell is "cheap", is not with the distressed, dirty or cracked another one is. Even a relatively simple plastic case, in fact, there are many types of rough for everyone below explain the advantages and disadvantages of several phone hard shell material.


Buying a protective phone case is the least you can do for your phone. And it's worth spending the extra money for phone case that passes a drop test. Even if you don't drop it, somebody else might.


If you’re looking for a phone case to protect your phone in a drop, add the terms “PU” or “TPU” to your search. There may be other phone case materials I haven’t mentioned that are effective at absorbing impact energy. If I’ve left something out, let us know in the comments below. Tell us about the incredible drop your phone survived because you were using a phone case made to absorb energy. Or tell us horror story about a hard case or not using a phone case. Let’s all work together to help each other have great smartphone experiences. 

For decent protection, phone case consider a two-layered model with an inner flexible rubber layer to absorb shock and an outer rigid plastic layer to spread impact phone case. Phone cases should fit snugly and have precision cut-outs that phone case allow full access to all buttons and ports.

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