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The Half Of Belt

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Nov 03, 2016

                   The  Half Of Belt

At the beginning of July 1936, the Red Army started third times across the vast grassland north. In addition to the bad natural environment, the biggest threat facing a serious shortage of food. 

The Red Army is just entering the grass, there are 3 per person per day two highland barley, but soon ran into the wall. The troops deserted grassland in March, and no place to recharge the soldiers ate all can resist hunger.

 The Red Army 31 army 93 division 274 Group 8 with little soldier Zhou Guocai was only 14 years old, into the grass soon, their class food is eaten, can only dig wild herbs, eating grass, eating bark. Later, even the wild herbs could not be found, they had to the leather belt and began to eat the gun shoes. But these things are not how long are eaten, so you own belt off to eat.

 In order to put the belt to swallow chewing in the stomach, the Red Army soldiers tried a variety

 of Office Zhou Guocai said: "you should eat." he knows his comrades, this belt is 1934 and seized battle booty. Zhou Guocai did not want to eat their favorite things, but in order to fight hunger,

 save the lives of his comrades, he had his belt with it. Belt wire at beloved leather had been 

carefully cut into pieces, floating in the watery soup, Zhou Guocai could not help tears. When the

 front belt first with the length being finished, he couldn't help crying, begging his comrades 

said: "I do not eat it. Keep it for a souvenir." so, everyone with the revolution of vision, the 

half starved, this belt leftover preserved. Belt, into the grass against hungry things. They are 

hereby created a "leather belt song >: cattle leather belt Three feet long, good food. Grassland 

wilderness taste don't boil boiling water, cooked wild more fragrant. A wild herbs used to cook, a

 cooking soup. Soup with vegetables and tricks, leave a comrade to taste.Later, the 6 of Zhou 

Guocai's men have been down in a long road, only his victory arrive in Yanan. In order to remember the sacrifices of his comrades, he used iron chopsticks on the back of the belt hot on the "Long March" 3 words, and with a red silk wrapped up. In 1975, Zhou Guocai will be the treasure for decades was donated to the state by the belt. Chinese National Museum. 

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