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The Portfolio Development Process

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Dec 16, 2016

Portfolios are actually a composite of two major components, the process and the product (Burke, Fogarty, Belgrad 1994, p. 3). While there may be the temptation on the part of practitioners and students to focus primarily on the product (the completed portfolio), the portfolio development process is certainly as important. To derive the greatest benefit from the use of portfolios, it is imperative to fully understand the relationship between the development process and the product. The portfolio is the actual collection of works that results from going through the development process; the development process is at the heart  of successful portfolio use. Although this process may be a radical new experience for students and initially a time-consuming one for their teachers, most find it well worth the time and effort. For them, the development process transforms instruction and assessment.

  The portfolio development process consists of four basic steps: collection,selection, reflection, and projection. As might be expected, some steps are more important than others in certain types of portfolios; however each step is included to some degree in every portfolio type.


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