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What Is Leather?

DeSign Industrial Trade Co.Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

Leather is a product of early human cultures that exist in, for thousands of years in playing an important role in our life, even today, the synthetic chemical industry developed, many characteristics of the leather, I still can't replace. As leather is a natural product, sources are limited, even more precious. Leather and noble seems to have the same meaning in everyday life, a pair of fancy shoes not only its brands, style, craftsmanship, more important is the natural beauty of the leather itself, to sales of leather shoes leather, far more than the other.
World production of about 70% for all kinds of leather footwear industry, with natural leather, synthetic leather, synthetic leather, regenerated leather in the shoe-making industry also has a role.
In terms of shoe production, or leather, leather sofa is the main material used in the production process of leather (also called natural leather), is made of animal skin, called natural leather (leather is). Leather after tanning process after a series of physical, chemical and mechanical processing, transforming into a fixed and durable substance, known as leather, leather for short.

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